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Floating Shelves Project

Wed, Feb 1, 2012

Around the House, Welcome

Anyone that knows my dear husband Heath, knows that he loves to build things – from a little boy he has always loved Legos, and it has continued into his adulthood.  Luckily for me that means house projects!  He has been starting to purchase the necessary tools to build items for our house (he’s become quite the DeWalt snob).  Since we moved into our home, we’ve wanted to figure out something to place on our living room wall.  It is a large, empty wall – well no more!

We had the idea to build floating shelves to fill the space and also give us ample space to showcase family photos, which we have lacked in the living room.  Heath researched and found one of my favorite blogs very helpful – YoungHouseLove.com.  He made a few alterations for our space – they are longer and different width.  I absolutely love them!  It is amazing how much the shelves add to the living room.  My favorite part is displaying more photos, and that he built these for around $75 total!

XO- Lori

Here are some photos showing Heath’s hard work:

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  1. Rachel Hockey says:

    Those look really nice. Good job, Heath!!

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